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25 Wonderful Things To Do First Thing in the Morning

Morning routine

I believe that what you … ...

Can Someone Be Hypnotized Over the Phone?

hypnotherapy phone sessions


Your Beautiful Life


I awoke in a tent on a … ...

Being Grateful

Being Grateful

even for the hard times … ...

31 Scary Questions to Ask Yourself

scary questions to ask yourself.

It's all about scary this … ...

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  • Liberation from You

    Liberation. The word is inspiring and filled with history and meaning. Look up the phrase "independence"  on Wikipedia and you'll get a definition about countries, nations and states and self government. Look up the word liberation, and you won't get much. As a definition, three words, … Read More+

  • Once Upon a Time, There was You, Making Up Stories…

    Do you have a habit of making up stories? We know some people who have a tendency to exaggerate the truth. We think we know what is real. But do we really? Something that happened to me this morning: I was out for my morning walk when a police officer pulled up alongside of me in his car. He … Read More+

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